Words That Describe Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

Have you ever wondered what is a healthy and unhealthy relationship? On today's post I'm going to describe those two types of relationships using words. It's important to become fully aware of what the two mean and how they will affect you.

Which of following words describe your relationship?

Healthy Relationships-
Love, care, trust, respect, equality, balance, progression, commitment, consistency, honesty, passion, support, acceptance, tolerance, patience, understanding, intimacy, honor, empathy, happiness, monogamy, communication, fulfillment, mutuality, romance, priority, responsibility, fair, compromise, sympathy, listening, giving.

Unhealthy Relationships-
Cheating, abuse, doubt, control, jealousy, carelessness, narcissism, insecurity, low self-esteem, anger, frustration, disrespect, lies, denial, manipulation, intimidation, misery, resistance, resentment, dysfunction, drama, ignorance, pain, confusion, regret, hurt, embarrassment, threat, loneliness, codependency, noncommittal, power, violence, fear, blackmail, addiction, emptiness, unhappiness, unsafe.

Having read the above mentioned, what type of relationship are you in?